Social Media from a Contractor’s Perspective

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 5.26.35 PMYesterday, I was in Las Vegas to present at the ABC Institute (Associated Builders & Contractors). After my presentation, I sat in an intriguing sessions entitled “Social Media from a Contractor’s Perspective” by Erik Timmons, a principal at Yorke & Curtis. His company is a small/mid-sized contractor based in Portland. So far, you might be as intrigued as I was because here was a principal of good sized commercial construction company that was doing social media and doing successfully enough that he wanted to share his experience.

Erik reviewed why the need for a social media presence in construction and started with their goals, which included sharing the company’s core values. He also discussed the investment, which he called a micro investment because most of the software is free and it takes your time to set up the social media accounts and then to use them. The best part he discussed ROI. Although their goals did not include a dollar amount, he told a great story about finding a key contact through LinkedIn & Twitter that led to over $10 million of work over the course of a few years.

Most construction companies either ignore social media completely or set up accounts to later ignore them. There is money to be had online and the next generation of buyers is looking to social media for contractors. Erik’s work at Yorke & Curtis shows us that and they are ahead of the social media curve.

Check out Yorke & Curtis: