Construction Marketing Secrets

I was reviewing some of my LinkedIn Construction Marketing group discussions and marketing blogs and one of them simply asked to share your construction marketing secrets. It got me thinking about what we discuss with our clients and even though each client is different with an unique set of challenges, audience, and strengths there is a common element. Read below for my response:

As a A/E/C marketing & design firm, we look at the company’s image & message. If a prospective client’s business is waning, I show them their website, business card & other marketing materials. Then I ask a simple question, “Would you work with this company?”

Brand image can build credibility when done right and reduce expectations if done wrong. Also, a strong brand reduces doubt on RFPs and positions an A/E/C firm as the expert thus charging more money for the same work.

I do understand that there is more to marketing than image, but the first thing that you need to do to get a prospect to stop and look is get their attention. That is Visual. If no one is interested in reading your grand marketing verbiage or incredible proposal because they haven’t stopped to look, than no one will know it exists. If you build it ugly, they may come, but they won’t look long enough to get the message.

This last line emanates with our marketing & design team, “If you build it ugly, they may come, but they won’t look long enough to get the message.”

What are your construction marketing secrets?