Construction Awards: Why Submit?

One of our clients, Barriere Construction, has been on an award winning spree! Our team helped Barriere win 7 awards for two of their projects this fall including the ABC National’s Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for Infrastructure/Heavy, NAPA’s Quality in Construction Asphalt Award, and South Central Magazine’s Best of 2009, Award of Excellence-Transportation.

This brings up an important question, why spend the time and money entering awards? Their are numerous responses to this question including: to raise employee moral, recruitment of employees, public relations with community, helps win more bids (as clients like awards too), knock out competition, and for marketing efforts. Overall, it helps you win more bids because clients want to work with innovative companies that do quality work which helps you attract better employees who want to work on those same award-winning projects. When someone asks a client, “Who is building your office?” Or when someone asks a worker, “Who do you work for?” People pride themselves at the places they work and being an award winning company lends itself to those feelings.

Barriere has a rich tradition of quality work, safe work environments, and superior efficiency which translates into awards for their hard work. We’re proud to work with Barriere Construction the past 5 years on their award submissions and managing their brand. You can see a full list of their awards on their website at