Confessions of a Brand Constructor

Our website in 2013.

Our previous website’s homepage.

Resources, experience, knowledge, and advice… that’s what our clients expect from us. We aim to practice what we preach by making sure our brand experience is always a game-changer, and that requires a resource complete with the latest updates and amenities. Our newly redesigned website accomplishes this goal by serving as an educational portal and branding resource vault to help you build better brands. But, more importantly, we hope it helps you better understand our process in directing and assisting construction companies with their brand upgrades. Because so much of what we do for our clients happens before any creative is developed, we rebuilt our site in an effort to capture some of the essence of what happens before the creative process in our Constructors Think Tanks when working with client brands.

The main reason for our redesign 18 months ago was to make our portfolio easier to find, and that update demonstrated how much we’ve learned about the construction industry since our inception in 2008. Behind the scenes, the redevelopment was done in WordPress CMS (Content Management System) so that our non-web team members could make updates, and it gave us a better platform for content marketing through our blog located on the same server.

However, we overlooked a major detail on that design, that would be vital to developing long-term client relationships. We were so excited about showcasing our experience and bringing our portfolio to the forefront that in doing so we bypassed our most important goal – providing in-depth information about why construction companies actually team up with us. We realized that we had to communicate the fact that we’re not in the business of making pretty designs and fancy websites – we’re in the business of improving your brand experience at every level to increasing your profitability. While speaking with a prospect last fall, he said it was obvious that ROI was a “byproduct” of our design work, and that really hit home for me. Our end results involve much more than attractive aesthetics; they are about growing your company financially and geographically, increasing staffing success, and entering new market sectors efficiently. Therefore, ROI is never just a byproduct of our design – it is the direct result from which we measure our success. Brand evolution should not be accidental!

Our job is to help construction companies grow successfully through brand positioning, brand differentiation, and improved brand experience for their clients, prospects, and employees. We work with marketing teams and executives to demystify and discover the company’s unique personality, culture, and differentiation (which is NEVER “On Time and On Budget”). The design work is the vital visual interpretation of your branding that communicates that positioning, differentiation, and messaging. However, without a brand purpose and value proposition backing up those designs… they are simply pretty pictures with your logo on them.

Now that our message has been refocused to more accurately convey our true goals, we’d like you to take a look around the new and improved website. You’ll notice we dive right into the unique marketing challenges construction companies face right on our homepage:

The new website design streamlines access to our ever-expanding list of resources, including articlespresentations, and whitepapers. We’ve also ramped up our social media presence and made sharing your favorite portfolio items, blog posts, and articles even easier.

Take a look around and let us know what you think! Maybe it’s time to rethink and retool your own website…