CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Ever feel like you’re missing someone at the strategy planning table? Can’t or don’t want to afford a senior level marketer with decades of experience in planning and brand management? The person you’re missing is your Chief Marketing Officer.

Although this position is utilized at nearly every Fortune 500 company, we seldom see one in the build industry outside of a few mega construction firms. Why? For decades, construction companies were able to earn their fair share by doing quality work and utilizing word-of-mouth marketing. Now, however, things have changed and your construction company must compete for every piece of work it captures. You must make an effort to hold on to the clients you’ve worked for using more than good work and reputation. Construction companies must convert low-bid projects into long-term client relationships to gain additional negotiated work to stay profitable. You must also outmaneuver other construction companies that will do any work for nearly nothing by positioning your company to the correct clients who “get it”.

To do this right and in a cost efficient way, you’ll need a high-level marketer with the right experience and knowledge of the industry to help you make these strategic decisions. But what happens when you can’t afford a CMO? How can we help?

For large contractors with in-house marketing teams, we provide an objective viewpoint and industry best-practices. We help grow your marketing and business development team, and can bring expensive-hard-to-find skills to craft the tools you need to hit your goals. Whether it’s a retooled website to showcase your unique differentiation and niche knowledge, a proposal package you can edit for each submittal, or a second-opinion on your company’s messaging and marketing plan, we have the marketing subcontractor team you need to tackle your temporary challenges.

For smaller contractors with seller-doers for business developers or no in-house marketers, we offer CMO level expertise and knowledge to help make those big-picture decisions. We’ll utilize our Brand Base Audit to get up to speed quickly so we can make recommendations for growing your company, or empowering current team members with the right tools and systems. Don’t go without your own personal CMO, the Brand Constructors can help you get it done!!

Call us at 504-355-4119 to discuss how we can help you make those big decisions and get to that next level.