Choose Your Own Adventure Websites

Something to keep in mind when you’re working on your website is that people do not read websites like books where one reads from page 1-100. Most people will go to your homepage and then click the section they are looking for. Many times, visitors will enter your website on an interior page like a blog post when searching a specific keywords. It is like those Choose Your Own Adventure® books we read as kids, where you pick what happened next.

To lead visitors the way you want them to go, have an obvious hierarchy of information. This means the important things are larger and more visible then less important items. For example, your Projects are more prominent than your Terms of Use. Keep your calls to action simple and clear to ensure people click on them.

It also helps to create buyer personas and think about the content each persona cares about and wants to see. Then, navigate your website based on their desires and expected patterns to determine if your website answers their needs.

Overall, keep in mind that people skip around on websites and do not visit your pages in order. If they go through in order, they’re probably a robot or an engineer (industry joke).