Challenges We Solve


Win More!

Stand Out to Win in Competitive markets.

Today’s construction industry is tough. You have to “bring it” to win a bid against 50 other companies. When you win, you get lucrative, high-profile jobs and your company grows. When you lose, you go down an endless spiral of low-bid work. Wanna win and win big!


plateauOvercome Plateaus

Enter New Markets and Get Past Where You’re at Today.

Many successful construction companies attempt to enter new markets and fall flat. When you’re a well-established company (brand) in your home market, it can be hard to be the “new kid” in another market. We can help you enter new geographic markets and market sectors.


nextGenTransition to the Next Gen

Transition to the Next Generation Seamlessly While Not Losing Your Brand’s Personality.

Many construction companies are family owned, but that transition is a struggle. The current leadership doesn’t want to deviate from what has made them successful and the new generation craves change. Whether your brand just needs to “get with the times” or needs a whole new vibe, we can help you create a smooth transition and communicate the new leadership’s vision.


employeeAttract the Best Employees to Your Brand

Recruit & Retain Employees That “Get It”

Many times our marketing plan isn’t just about getting new clients, it is about hiring. Having the right employees is key, but most construction companies don’t know the first steps. We know how to dig in, find the right type of employees, and then look for more like them.


doMoreDoing More With Less

Make Your Life Easier and Achieve More When You Have the Right Tools

Marketing budgets took one of the biggest hits with the recent recession so we’re all doing more with less and working longer hours. Being lean can be good, but working without the right tools will drive you mad. We feel your pain and we can build the tools you need to grow your company and get your life back.


brandingBreak-Through Branding Solutions

Position Your Company to Win the Right Projects!

The biggest problem your prospective customers have in picking you isn’t money, it is distinguishing you from dozens of competitors that look and sound just like you. If you need to make your company more distinct and memorable then learn more about being found.