Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 4 – Automate & Systematize


If you’re like most other Construction Marketers, I’m sure you’re doing more with less these days. Before 2008, most marketers had fewer responsibilities and more personnel. After the recession we’ve all just come through, however, the construction industry will probably stay lean and mean for quite some time, especially in the area of marketing. So, if you need to do more with less, the key is building systems and automating important tasks.

The term “marketing automation” scares many, but don’t let the idea intimidate you. To be effective, you’ll need to become comfortable with automation tools and processes. Imagine coming back from a tradeshow after having collected 50 business cards of potential prospects and leads. Now, you know you have to follow up, which is a huge chore, but since you’ve just returned after being away from the office (and your huge “to do” list), you consider putting it off until you get your feet back under you. You also have a two proposals due that you’re behind on because you were out. So, now what?

Here’s the best way to handle the situation: Have an admin person type up the contacts. Next, import them into your CRM system and select the appropriate campaign – poof, you’re done! With an import and a few clicks, you can have a series of emails AUTOMATICALLY go to your new prospects over the next few days, weeks, or months. You can also have the system alert the respective business developer to call that prospect in 15 and 45 days, or alert an admin person to send a company brochure in 7 days. Lots of touches, with minimal work on your part.

Don’t let hard-won prospects go cold. Automation is powerful and easy to utilize when you have the right tools. Call us to talk about how we automate our client’s marketing. We’ll help you become a more powerful marketer by pro-actively engaging business development, while building a system of tracking your efforts and success. (You’ll be glad you did, and can even leave early on Fridays [again].)