Web Marketing

The Best Blog in the Land?

Our lovely blog has been nominated in Construction Marketing Ideas’ Best Construction Blog competition. We are honored to be among such great company and we ask you to vote for our construction marketing blog. Take a look at some of the other blogs. We especially love Matt Handal’s Help Everybody Everyday – he has a...

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What to Blog About Anyway?

Many marketers would agree blogging is a great way to build your web presence and drive traffic to your website. From 2009 to 2011, we did it off and on, but in 2012 we’ve made a consistent push to grow our presence and it is working. We publish a blog weekly, usually on Thursdays, and...

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Blogging for Business [Development]

To blog or not to blog? The immortal words of one William Shakespeare – well, not quite. Many people ask what it takes to get listed higher in the search engines. It is a simple response, “Google looks for 3 things: Content, Links to your website, and Updates. Google is looking for the authority for...

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A Mobile World Wide Web

More and more people check websites and do research on mobile devices. This may surprise you, but think about how you use technology and traditional media. When was the last time you used a phone book? It’s been a while I’m sure. What about looking for a place to eat or find a special product...

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Happy Birthday Facebook!

For Facebook’s 8th birthday, they are going public. Who would have thought eight years ago a website that’s content is completely user driven could be such a power house business and connect most of the world. Now, it’s hard to remember a world without Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but you only have to think back...

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25 Reasons Why I'll Leave Your Website in 10 Seconds!

I found this great article about website usability and best practices on econsultancy.com that I wanted to share with you entitled “25 Reasons Why I’ll Leave Your Website in 10 Seconds“. I wanted to elaborate on a few of the 25. 1. Autosound – When I’m surfing the internet at work during my lunch break...

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Find Us On Twitter

The Brand Constructors is now on Twitter. Follow us at http://twitter.com/brandconstruct. We will tweet about new blog posts, marketing tips, changes in the construction industry, A/E/C conferences & events, and other vital information for construction marketers.

Social Media & Cross Promotions

I recently wrote two blog posts for our parent company, Design the Planet, about Social Media Personalities and Cross Promotions. The topics are more pertinent to Design the Planet’s B-to-C than the A/E/C industry, but I did not want to leave you out. Here is a brief summary of each post, click the title to...

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