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6 Unexpected Benefits of Rebranding

It seems like every day I hear about a different company rebranding themselves. While I believe many companies could use a rebranding, not all CEOs, Chairman, Chiefs, and Presidents fully grasp all of the benefits and intricacies of rebranding. Often, construction companies hold on to their visual-branding (logo, identity, mark… the stuff that visually represents your...

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Newsletters: the Brand-marketing tool that lingers!

The current marketing environment is challenging to say the least. You could say, “old school marketers” kinda had it easy. All they had to do was recommend the right mix of marketing channels (which only consisted of about 5 for most companies), sell decision makers on the budget, develop the creative, and then track the...

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Your construction company web site should pull its own weight!

Generating leads and business with your website. Even if you haven’t been paying much attention to modern website design, the benefits of a GREAT construction marketing website will boggle your mind. Small to medium sized companies can, and should, have a website that “pulls its own weight.” The right site, integrated with the right tools,...

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The Digital Divide in Construction

In an article I just wrote for CFMA (Construction Financial Management Association) coming out next month, I spoke about the “Digital Divide” that I see in the construction industry. In a nutshell, you can divide the industry into two groups: – construction companies that get business online – construction companies that do NOT get business...

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Construction Companies Have 1 of 3 Types of Websites

First published on LinkedIn Pulse. As a specialist in construction marketing, I’ve looked at hundreds, possibly thousands, of construction company websites. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly; and I break them into three categories: money generating websites, credibility-only websites, and the disqualifier website. Take note: company size has little to do...

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Your Brand Culture is Hurting your Bottom Line!

Here’s why and what to do to fix it: Many construction companies find it hard to move from the realm of low-bid public work to negotiated/private work, no matter how hard they try. They blame it on their safety record, their (lack of) prior project experience, or how their Business Development [BD] team just doesn’t...

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Why Construction Companies Need Mobile Websites

Lately, we’ve been talking about mobile websites. Why? Well, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and many have replaced their bulky desktops with portable tablets like iPads. A bigger reason is looming – Google put an April 21 deadline on companies making their websites mobile friendly. If you do not comply, Google will drop your search...

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Best Blogs of 2014

We thought we’d celebrate the New Year with a look back at the most talked about, most read, and most memorable blogs of 2014. What the Heck is Content Marketing, Anyway? Posted on December 11, 2014 The term “content marketing” actually describes itself; it is using content to market your company, products, or yourself. Instead...

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