Social Media

Writing to No One

One of the hardest things to do is to write for someone to read and not get any feedback. I feel the same way doing webinars, talking to a television camera, and practicing presentations. As humans, we feed off that connection and interaction with other humans. Sometimes writing your blog feels like you’re writing in...

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Social Media Conversations via Texts

This puts social media into perspective. I believe this is what the kids call “owned”!

The Brand Constructors are on Pinterest!

Yes, we’re on Pinterest. Why? Because it is a great place to share visual information & images and we are a visual company being a design & marketing firm. Check us out at We already have boards for our Construction Logos & Construction Websites as well as cool Construction Photos, Cool Building Elements, Cool...

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Social Media Talks

Some social media fun for Monday morning.

Why a Low-Bid, Public Works Contractor Should Care about Social Media.

A big question for construction companies, especially low bid, public works contractors, is should they jump on the social media bandwagon. First off, if you’re only doing it because everyone else is doing it – don’t bother. Secondly, you need to ask yourself what is the goal and what are the pros & cons of...

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Blogging for Business [Development]

To blog or not to blog? The immortal words of one William Shakespeare – well, not quite. Many people ask what it takes to get listed higher in the search engines. It is a simple response, “Google looks for 3 things: Content, Links to your website, and Updates. Google is looking for the authority for...

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The Outernet

For Mondays (sometimes Tuesdays), we like to share a fun image. Many of these funny images are a reflection of living in an over-advertised, technology world. This one fits that bill.

Measure Your Online Presence

As you mentioned last week, you’re on social media, now what? After you start engaging your community and providing valuable content (after all, that’s the whole point of Web 2.0), you want to see if its working right? Social media can do so many things for your company including creating a closer community, building brand...

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