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Terrazzo Goes Viral: Leveraging Social Media to Spur the Growth of Terrazzo (and Your Business)

If you’ve worked with terrazzo in some way, shape or form, you’ve likely grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of its demand. Some years it’s in vogue and some years…not so much. Currently, terrazzo is experiencing a big moment and the only thing preventing a greater resurgence (and a subsequent windfall of cash for...

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3 Ways to Use Video for Construction Marketing

It’s likely you’ve heard by now that video content is an integral part of marketing. But what does that mean for your construction business?

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6 Unexpected Benefits of Rebranding

It seems like every day I hear about a different company rebranding themselves. While I believe many companies could use a rebranding, not all CEOs, Chairman, Chiefs, and Presidents fully grasp all of the benefits and intricacies of rebranding. Often, construction companies hold on to their visual-branding (logo, identity, mark… the stuff that visually represents your...

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The Results are In!

That is right! We’ve tabulated and reviewed the responses from our 2014 survey. We received a great response and had a diverse group of respondents ranging from smaller construction companies to the international mega construction firms. We covered important topics like social media channels and marketing tools as well as how many marketers and business...

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Social Media Statistics

I received an email over the weekend promoting social media monitoring and other things that I don’t really need. Included in the email was some amazing statistics on the size of social media. I’ve always been a fan of social media personally and professionally. It is staggering to think how many people are on Facebook...

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Content Marketing for Construction Companies

Content marketing is the new buzzword in the marketing industry, but it’s actually been around for ages. You most commonly see it for business-to-business companies, especially professional service firms. You can find a lot of resources for content marketing in the A/E/C (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) industry, but they cover very little for construction companies. First off, what...

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Construction Twitter Accounts

We’re excited to be included in Construction Management Degree’s 105 Handy Twitter Accounts for Construction Managers along with some of our favorite Twitter handles including: @RigginsConst @AGCofA @PepperConstruct @ENRnews @ConstructionMag @ConstructorMag @Sundt @ConstructMarket @BDCNetwork Comment below with your favorite Twitter handles and don’t forget your own.

Branding for Construction in a Connected, Social World

Guest post by Sasha Dlinni. — Having a successful brand, whether you’re a small subcontractor or a large multidisciplinary practice, can make a huge difference when it comes to winning those bids. Combined with strategic differentiation from your competitors, an investment in your brand can reap continuous rewards on several levels. First Impressions as a Point...

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