PR (Public Relations)

What's in a Press Kit?

Your press kit is fairly universal, but you should customize it based on who you are giving it to and what they’re looking for from it. Media Breakdown: – Local & Regional Media – What effect does your news have upon the area? – Trade & Professional Media – What do you do? For whom?...

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A Glimpse Into the Future

Our parent company, Design the Planet, wrote a great post this morning spotlight the transition from newspapers to websites. The recent Super Bowl win by the New Orleans Saints was a great showcase of this change. As part of the celebration, posted headlines from newspapers & websites from around the world. Of the 43...

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Save the Animals, and my Logo

We usually do not talk about clothing brands, but I just read a great move by Lacoste to save their logo by saving the crocodiles. Lacoste will spend $500,000 to help preserve the reptile emblazoned on its shirts, the endangered Gange gharial crocodile, of which only 1,400 remain alive in the wild. Lacoste joins over...

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