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Mistakes In SOQ Development

What are the Top 6 Mistakes in Developing a SOQ?

What is a contractor SOQ? Your Statement of Qualification, also known as the “big brochure” and SOQ, plays a huge role in landing your next big project and increasing your number of good bid opportunities. The purpose of this 60+ page document is to tell your prospective client why you are qualified to work on...

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4 Ways to Use Video for Construction Marketing

It’s likely you’ve heard by now that video content is an integral part of marketing. But what does that mean for your construction business?

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Content for Online Construction Marketing

In Construction, Content is King. Do You Have What It Takes to Build Your Business? If you’ve been following the changes taking place in B2B (business-to-business) marketing, then you know online content is king. Since construction marketing IS B2B marketing, all this hub-bub should have you very concerned about who’s handling your online efforts such...

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10 Ways to Damage Up Your Brand Without Even Trying

Marketing your construction company is very different today than it was just 6 years ago. For some, the change in how we reach prospects and develop business snuck up and now we’re scrambling to play catch up so we don’t get let behind. So, like many contractors, you’re probably flocking to Online Marketing, Video, SEO,...

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6 Unexpected Benefits of Rebranding

It seems like every day I hear about a different company rebranding themselves. While I believe many companies could use a rebranding, not all CEOs, Chairman, Chiefs, and Presidents fully grasp all of the benefits and intricacies of rebranding. Often, construction companies hold on to their visual-branding (logo, identity, mark… the stuff that visually represents your...

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ABC’s Young Professionals

You might not be aware of one of ABC’s (Associated Builders & Contractors) newer initiatives, the Young Professionals. The program’s mission “aims to shape the future of our industry by supporting the growth of the young professionals that are employed by ABC member companies. The program will create opportunities for young leaders to build relationships,...

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Marketing Calendar in Less Than 15 Minutes

Are you freaking out because it is March and you don’t have your marketing calendar finalized yet? Do not worry. Breathe in and check this out. Many marketers get lost in the weeds of developing this super complex, detailed marketing calendar. Once they are done, they struggle to maintain it. We work on two calendars...

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It’s 2015, Ready or Not!

2014 was a good year for our team, both professionally (worked with many great clients, published our first book, & developed the ConExecU concept) and personally (new relationships, traveling, and our first Brand Constructor baby). It is already a week into 2015, so I ask you – What will be different this year? How are...

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