Construction Industry

Terrazzo Goes Viral: Leveraging Social Media to Spur the Growth of Terrazzo (and Your Business)

If you’ve worked with terrazzo in some way, shape or form, you’ve likely grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of its demand. Some years it’s in vogue and some years…not so much. Currently, terrazzo is experiencing a big moment and the only thing preventing a greater resurgence (and a subsequent windfall of cash for...

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3 Ways to Use Video for Construction Marketing

It’s likely you’ve heard by now that video content is an integral part of marketing. But what does that mean for your construction business?

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Mobilegeddon: Will Google’s New Mobile-First Algorithm Leave Construction Companies Behind?

Mobile, mobile, mobile… The emphasis on the influence of smartphones in today’s society is old news. It is even highly likely you are reading this right now from your mobile phone. Although a few lonely strongholds of the desktop remain loyal to the big-screen, the realm of business is quickly adapting to that mobile phone in...

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SOQ and RFP:
Underrated Tools of the Trade

Working on making 2018 your most successful year yet? There are many techniques business owners can employ to build brand awareness, increase profitability, and up the number of bid opportunities. But which ones provide the best ROI? Two strategies worth examining to make 2018 a rockin’ year for business development are your RFP and SOQ...

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Improve Hiring and Retention with Employee Communications (Part 1)

Hiring and retaining the best people continues to challenge the construction industry. Efforts and investments have been ramped-up to focus on construction job training and career education, but it will take some time for these to produce significant results. And, while construction companies strive to be leaner and more efficient, retaining the best workforce is...

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Do you know about Drone Rules & Regulations?

As a business owner I, like you, am ready to utilize the new capabilities provided by drone technology. We can take our images to a “new level” and the expense of aerial photography, in many ways, has become affordable. We can scale buildings, cover wide landscapes, observe large construction sites and capture the images with...

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Improve Hiring and Retention with Employee Communications (Part 2)

Improving retention doesn’t necessarily result from just paying employees more. Many industry studies have shown that people forget about pay raises within four months after receiving them. What typically matters over time is: a supportive work environment, a clear career path, company communication of successes and failures, and how well people integrate with their work...

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content is king

Content for Online Construction Marketing

In Construction, Content is King. Do You Have What It Takes to Build Your Business? If you’ve been following the changes taking place in B2B (business-to-business) marketing, then you know online content is king. Since construction marketing IS B2B marketing, all this hub-bub should have you very concerned about who’s handling your online efforts such...

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