business development

Read What Your Clients Read

We’ve discussed being the resource for your clients instead of the order taker. Order takers are replaced by other order takers because of price, false promises, and small mistakes. Resources are not replaced by price, even for large mistakes, and generally have a better relationship with their clients. A great way to be that resource...

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Throw Back the Small Fish

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about how to get larger clients. One of the first ways to get to larger clients is to stop working with the smaller ones. This means two things: do not accept new clients under a certain bar that you’ve established and secondly, you need to fire a few small...

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It Takes a Village to Win Contracts

In talking with more with clients, fellow SMPS members, & others in business development roles, a common theme is becoming evident – it takes a village to get a new client. Also, it only takes one idiot from that village to sabotage that same relationship. We’ve written about empowering your employees to be Brand Ambassadors...

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