Royal Engineering Case Study

About the Brand
Royal Engineering is a fast-growing, service-disabled, veteran-owned engineering company. Having grown from three to seven locations in just six months, Royal Engineering was clearly moving from a small, up-start company to a major firm and needed a marketing and design team that could keep up with their growth as they grew out of the 8(a) certification.

Royal Engineering had an idea of who they wanted to be and hired The Brand Constructors to make it a reality.  The company needed unity and a team to bring life to their vision. Their logo was well-developed, but the rest of the brand was inconsistent, and their message lacked differentiation.

The first way in which The Brand Constructors helped form Royal Engineering’s brand was through the creation of a new website with various skill sets and project examples. They gave the business developers support materials, including an elite brochure and consulting on their trade show. The Brand Constructors placed emphasis on educating others about Royal Engineering and cross-selling services to build a unified company. By bringing in orange as a complimentary color, The Brand Constructors added new life to the brand, tying it together in a way that it had not experienced before.
Royal Engineering was able to enjoy growth and unification as a company with The Brand Constructors’ support. Overall, the company found a new identity to unite under and a look and feel that matched their vision.

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