R&O Construction Mobile Brochure/App Case Study

About the Brand
Founded in 1978, R &O Construction is now one of Utah’s largest construction companies, with work completed in over 18 states. R&O strives to be the “company of choice” for employees, owners, and vendors. R&O came to The Brand Constructors with a diverse portfolio of projects in a wide range of markets and a recent generational shift in leadership.

R&O had a project portfolio app created for them in the past that they were unhappy with- it couldn’t be updated, the look-and-feel didn’t support the brand, and their license expired within a year. R&O understood the value of this marketing tool in helping their business developers grow into new regional markets, so they came to Brand Constructors to give the app another try.

The Brand Constructors convinced R&O that an “official” app was unnecessary for what they needed, and instead furnished them with a sophisticated, easier-to-use “app” created in InDesign that was easily updated by the marketing team and could still be displayed on iPads to show prospective clients the depth of their project versatility and experience. Now, R&O can bypass the headache of making updates through the Apple store, and the marketing team can distribute new project information to the business development team in real time using DropBox.
R&O now possesses an impressive, tech-savvy portfolio “app” that is reflective of their brand, highlights their unique skill sets, and can easily be independently maintained and built upon. Additionally, they even have the ability to create customized versions of the portfolio based upon specific prospective clients.



 Download case study as a pdf.