RCC Website Redesign Case Study

About the Brand
Royal Commercial Construction (RCC) is a subcontractor that is over 25 years old and regularly works with 5-6 general contractors (GCs) a year.

The company needed a website to build credibility and awareness and help them meet their specific growth goal of adding one additional GC a year to their client roster. Also, they wanted a tool to recruit qualified, skilled workers.
The Brand Constructors created a sleek website that showcased RCC’s stellar work alongside glowing testimonials from GCs that were previous or current clients. Additionally, we built out a branded email template that allowed the company to stay in close, regular contact with current and prospective GCs.
With their new website, Royal Commercial Construction was able to exceed their initial goal by adding two new GCs to their list of clients within the first year of the site being live, as well as accomplishing successful expansion into an additional state. The website also helped them grow their workforce as their demand grew.



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