MCC Group Newsletter Case Study

About the Brand
Founded in 1958, MCC is a large subcontractor with a background in mechanical construction and metal fabrication, with seven locations throughout the Southeast. Recently, this family-owned business experienced a generational shift in leadership.

The regional company’s extremely dated internal employee newsletter still reflected a highly local-centric look of the company’s headquarters. Additionally, it was being put together and distributed by an employee whose background is not in marketing or design, so it was often thrown together between other tasks. MCC wanted an updated newsletter that encompassed the whole brand, mirrored their forward-thinking approach to business, and looked professionally designed.

The Brand Constructors overhauled the newsletter design, building upon the brand and ensuring that the look-and-feel was location-neutral. We helped refine the content to make it more employee-focused and met strict deadlines to ensure that the newsletter made it out to the employees by the set date. Additionally, the Brand Constructors put systems in place that assured future efficiencies, such as styles, master pages, and the like.
Now, a company with no internal marketing team has a reliable and convenient way to get a polished product out to their team in a timely manner each month. The updated newsletter was well received by employees across the company, particularly the new leadership team, who used the first new edition of the newsletter as a vehicle to officially announce the important shift in executive roles.



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