J&J Diving & Marine Construction Case Study

About the Brand
J&J Diving Corporation can describe its growth in a few simple words: “Ten years ago, we were four guys working out of a garage. Now… we’re not.” They’ve recently expanded into a 19,000 square foot facility. The owners are passionate about diving and the industry’s history.

Having attained the status of an established company in the world of diving services, J&J Diving needed to present itself as such a leading company. This included their need for professional brand marketing materials now that they were competing with the “big boys.”

The Brand Constructors developed a professional looking brand marketing tool-kit that included a website designed with the feel of an esteemed, well-established company. The antique “bell” diving helmet pays homage to J&J’s respect for the history of diving while giving a sense of maturity and respect to the company itself. The Brand Constructors recommended and created a brochure with interchangeable inserts so J&J Diving could better educate prospects about their services, expertise and solid safety record.
J&J Diving’s new look and identity gives them the professional image they desired. The new logo garnered much excitement among their divers who gifted a t-shirt, hat, and mug to the design team as tokens of thanks for The Brand Constructors’ services. J&J Diving’s new image improved their recruiting process, by attracted safer, more experienced divers to their company. Ultimately, The Brand Constructors gave them the tools they needed to compete against bigger, longer-established companies.

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