Integrated Pro Services (IPS) Case Study

About the Brand
IPS Construction is a fast-growing disabled-veteran owned  construction company with roots in the tree trimming business. The company’s core team all have a military background, which spawned and encourages their enthusiastic “Never say never!” business philosophy.

Despite their enthusiasm and ability to work independently and as a team, the IPS Construction branding did not help the company stand out or promote their unique differentiation. Due to their work on a variety of unique projects, the company lacked a consistent focus, and needed a flexible and diverse Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to set them apart.

The Brand Constructors strategized, wrote, and designed a well-crafted SOQ, and trained the IPS business development team in Adobe InDesign so they can handle future needs and easily make updates to their growing project experience and team member bios. The Brand Constructors also developed a proposal template for IPS based on the SOQ design and content for consistency.
Using the new proposal format with the new professional image focused on its strengths and differentiating characteristics, IPS won their first major project. The SOQ has begun opening doors to lucrative opportunities and invitations to bid, and IPS is moving forward.


Download a pdf of this case study.