Circle Construction Case Study

About the Brand
Circle Construction focuses on heavy construction jobs, such as levee, canal, flood wall and gate construction. The company was founded as Circle Inc., but was required to become an LLC for legal reasons. As it transitioned from second to third generation leadership, the company needed a new name and a new look to properly represent the kind of business it was doing.

The company was struggling with an aging leadership team, and was desperate to recruit younger qualified people. Circle was sending the wrong message about their services; people associated Circle Inc. with constructing skyscrapers, not ‘moving earth. Recruitment was suffering, as people were unaware of Circle’s true brand.

The Brand Constructors’ first challenge was to aid with the name change. The Brand Constructors suggested, and the client agreed to add the descriptive word “construction,” making the official new name Circle Construction, LLC. Next, The Brand Constructors developed a new logo and a new website with an appropriate theme that played on the company’s “Earth Movers” nickname. These new brand marketing tools emphasized Circle Construction’s heavy-duty construction services and projects.


Circle Construction’s new name and identity echoed their sense of strength, history and quality. It was firmly branded as earth-related construction, thereby reducing any confusion. The company owner finally viewed his business as a legacy that was worthy to be passed on and took pride in his company’s new image.

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