Baxter & Woodman Engineering Website Case Study

About the Brand
Baxter & Woodman is a 67-year-old engineering firm that specializes in public waterworks through eight offices located all across the Great Lakes.

The firm needed a website that corresponded with and highlighted their recent rebrand and helped them to attract and recruit new engineering graduates to the team.

The Brand Constructors researched the new brand and closely reviewed the corresponding brand guide to build on and maintain consistency with their new look-and-feel. Then, they worked with Baxter and Woodman’s internal marketing team on positioning, providing them with the tools needed to integrate, optimize, and carry the new branding forward. The Brand Constructors furnished B& W with a unique, differentiating new web design built in WordPress CMS to allow for easy internal web updates and management and serves as an “information hub” for clients, prospects, and potential hires. Additionally, the mobile-friendly new website emphasized Baxter & Woodman’s progressive initiatives and commitment to sustainability to further appeal to today’s environmentally-conscious young professionals.
Baxter & Woodman is happy to report that they have received a great deal of positive feedback from clients and principals alike regarding the functional, easy-to-use new website, and recruit interest has grown and improved.



Download case study as a pdf.