Acadia Land Survey Website Case Study

About the Brand
Acadia Landscaping is a boutique land surveying firm that provides custom-tailored surveying to clients throughout Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. Their service offerings include industrial plant, pipeline, as-built, and ALTA/ACSM land title surveying, as well as construction staking, re-subdivisions, legal exhibits and descriptions, and more.

The firm has always been strictly referral-based, so they had managed to get along without a website until this point. However, they realize the importance of a website in today’s media-rich marketplace, so they brought The Brand Constructors team on board to provide them with a website that built credibility among referrals and helped them to grow and expand into new markets.

The Brand Constructors designed a website that illustrated the beauty of the landscape in the region Acadia serves, creating an interesting aesthetic that highlights what Acadia does, differentiates them from their competitors, and makes the boutique firm memorable. The unique design also highlights the simplicity and functionality of the site, and the WordPress CMS platform allows the Acadia team to quickly and easily make updates internally.
Acadia’s first website provides credibility and additional information for their word-of-mouth referrals, and it is helping to open doors with large corporations, as well as gaining visibility for the firm among potential team recruits.


Download case study as a pdf.