Case Studies

Case Studies detailing select client challenges we helped overcome.

IPS (Integrated Pro Services) – Despite their enthusiasm and ability to work independently and as a team, the IPS Construction branding did not help the company stand out or promote their unique differentiation. Due to their work on a variety of unique projects, the company lacked a consistent focus, and needed a flexible and diverse Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to set them apart.

Circle Construction The company was struggling with an aging leadership team, and was desperate to recruit younger, qualified people. Circle was sending the wrong message about their services; people associated Circle Inc. with constructing skyscrapers, not moving earth. Recruitment was suffering, as people were unaware of Circle’s true brand offerings.

Royal Engineering – Royal Engineering had an idea of who they wanted to be, and they hired The Brand Constructors to make it a reality.  The company needed unification and a team to bring their vision to life. Their logo was well-developed, but the rest of the brand was inconsistent, and their message lacked differentiation.

J&J Diving & Marine Construction – Having attained the status of an established company in the world of diving services, J&J Diving needed to present itself as such. This included their need for professional brand marketing materials to help them stand out among the “big boys.”