Core Expertise

We are brand marketing professionals for companies in the Build industry (general contractors, subcontractors, engineering firms, equipment manufacturers and vendors). Our job as marketing sub-contractors is to increase your profitability, help you recruit and retain the best employees, and increase your business development hit rates.

NO FLUFFY MARKETING here!! Construction marketing is about ROI and quantifiable results! So let’s get some!!

The Brand Constructors are advisors, consultants, strategists, and most importantly, members of your team. We work with you, complimenting your in-house talent (marketing, business development, design, etc.) to develop the strategies and tools you need to have in your marketing toolkit. Our knowledge of applicable Internal Marketing paired with our effective Brand Marketing Systems can help your company overcome the most challenging marketing-centric frustrations.

In the construction industry, there is no second place. Second place on bids means $0! We get it, and we get you – no other marketing firm works exclusively with large construction companies like yours.

The key to increasing your profitability through marketing is positioning your company away from the pack by applying the right marketing tools and having the team in place to do the work.