Branding a Construction Site – Signage

One of the easiest, biggest impact ways to market a construction company, general contractor (GC), or sub-contractor, is to have signs and banners on construction sites.

For a GC, it tells prospective customers what kind of work you do by showing them what you are working on now. Multiple job sites have an even bigger impact. Imagine what a prospective customer thinks when they see your logo on 3, 5, or even 8 different projects around town – they think, wow, these guys must be good, I need to check them out.

A similar thing happens for sub-contractors. Where better to show other GCs what kind of work you do than to spotlight it on the site of your current projects? When you try to bid with a new GC, what happens if they have never heard of you? You either need to be super cheap, so they will take a risk with you, or your bid gets trashed. If a GC knows your company because he’s seen your signage, then he is more likely to use your bid or possibly even seek you out to bid on future jobs.

This signage is vital for niche/specialty sub-contractors. If all you do is one thing, but you do it really well like fire systems, acoustics, or elevators then you need to own the market and work on nearly every project because your piece of the pie is smaller than someone looking at doing multiple services on fewer projects. Your signage needs to be on every project to show your brand dominance.

Timid about asking to add your sign to a project? Most owners will not mind having your banner on their project because it shows you take pride in your work. If you want to get a little tricky with it, just add it to your contract as one of the terms.

What goes on the sign? That’s easy – definitely a big logo and a website address, possibly phone number and your core services.

By the way, signage is a great way to recruit better applicants too. People want to work for a company they have heard of and in this economy, one that has work.