Boost your Brand with Public Speaking

Guest blog by Erica Olson of Speak Simple

Presentations do wonders for your brand because the audience is witnessing all of the gestures, emotion, passion that is shown during the course of the speech. The key is to speak simply enough that they can follow you. The newspaper is written on a fifth to eighth grade reading level for the general public to understand, so why would you want to talk to your audience in vocabulary that they can’t understand?

Brands are identifiable, every company wants their audience, whether the general public or a certain niche market, to be able to point out their brand and recognize it with out thinking. Presentations can give you that and more because as a presenter, you can reassure the audience by answering questions and explaining how your company can benefit them. Public speaking puts you out in front of your audience and gives you a way to showcase your expertise.


Erica Olson is a professional speaker, interpreter, and presentation coach that helps her clients be comfortable when presenting and relate with their audience. She crafted her skills working with Audubon Zoo’s Outreach Education programs including Zoomobile and Wetlands Express. Over her five years working with the zoo, she gave over 1,500 presentations to audiences ranging from toddlers to retirees and everything in between. Erica is an expert when it comes to interpreting complex terminology and technical lingo. She learned the do’s and don’ts of presentations not only by doing, but by coaching youth and adult volunteers as they shared their animal knowledge to zoo visitors and audience members.