Brand Vocabulary

How does your brand sound?

I’m serious, does your brand sounds like all of your competitors? Does your brand’s speak help paint that mental picture in your prospect’s mind?

For example, here at the Brand Constructors we construct brands (hence the name), build websites, and have a punch list while our parent company, Design the Planet, uses words like prune, nurture, and harvest. Each of these words fits their respective brand; they become brand speak.

Actually, Design the Planet is in the process of changing their brand, vision, look, and vocabulary from a nature aspect to a space view. I’ve been working with them to help them define the new brand and vocabulary change. Now they use words like evolution, orbit, and planet instead of prune and harvest. See the difference?

Think about how you describe your company and what you do in your proposals. Can you personalize it to your company name, services, or vertical market more? You probably can otherwise you wouldn’t have read this entire blog post.