Brand Immersion

The most serious brand disconnect an organization can experience occurs when the organization’s people have a different perspective of what your brand entails. If disconnected, their behaviors, beliefs, stories, and outward expression of your brand will be different than the brand experience you want for your customers. Different is bad. Every company should strive for consistency for the customer experience. To be effective, Brand Immersion must happen inside the organization before you can expect your external brand community to internalize and appreciate your branding and brand experience.

Brand Immersion is accomplished through careful education and training, peer-to-peer storytelling, experience sharing, mentoring and strategic communications to facilitate brand adoption, acceptance, and appreciation. Brand Immersion requires the formulation of an Internal Brand Strategy based upon the Brand Base-Audit that will guide an internal brand marketing system designed to get everyone “on brand”. Think of it this way: When your internal brand community “gets it” they will make sure your external brand community experiences it!