Brand Architecture with Multiple Brands

Is your company adding new divisions and new companies in the near future? Whenever you are faced with company growth especially when going into different geographic markets or industries, it may be time to consider a name change. If you’re company is called New York Construction then obtaining work in Chicago may be difficult. If you’re branching out of Construction and into a similar industry like architecture, should you change your name? Without more knowledge about market share and consumer knowledge, it is hard to say, but mostly likely the answer is yes.

Here are some marketing definitions for how to share/divide your brand:

  • – Monolithic Architecture = 1 name
  • – Dominant Architecture = lead brand with subordinate ID with descriptive modifier
  • –  Logo Linked Architecture = multiple brands = share same symbol
  • – Discrete Architecture = each brand is different
  • –  Co-Branded = Partnerships & affiliations
  • –  Endorsed Branding = Separate brand names endorsed by 1 brand

Based on the image on the right, it is obvious to see the power of the Virgin brand. It seems like everything Virgin touches will be more successful because of the “Virgin” name. Do you think their brands would be as successful if named differently?