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Us versus Them

In our local market of Southeast Louisiana, we have seen the construction industry as well as the architect and engineering industries bond together for a common goal. Small and mid-sized construction companies in particular are joining forces to fight off larger, national firms looking for work in the area. With the amount of construction going...

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Update on Construction Cone Monster

We found a update on the Construction Cone Monster via YouTube. The monster was the creation of part-time construction worker & artist Joseph Carnevale who stole three traffic barrels to create the monster. Carnevale is a history major in North Carolina and was actually arrested for vandalism. The construction company that owns the construction barrels...

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I was recently introduced to a great networking and educational group called the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS for short). You may think, why should I care, I’m in construction and that’s an association for you. I agree with you, I would not introduce you to the American Marketing Association (AMA) or American Institute...

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Why Blog?

People blog for different reasons: a personal diary, a way to vent, or to share an obsession. You may fall into one of those categories, but I would tell you to blog to share your professional expertise. You are the expert in your industry so tell us about it. For example, we are the experts...

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Construction Cone Monster

We found this image and had to post it. It was too hilarious not to share. It probably caused more wrecks, but it definitely made people slow down. Enjoy! Image from

ABC Conference & Fireworks

It was great to attend the ABC Louisiana Conference in Destin, Florida last week. I got to see a lot of friends and clients as well as meet new ABC members as well as their families. I thought it would be fun to share a picture I took of one of the highlights of the...

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