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Improve Hiring and Retention with Employee Communications (Part 1)

Hiring and retaining the best people continues to challenge the construction industry. Efforts and investments have been ramped-up to focus on construction job training and career education, but it will take some time for these to produce significant results. And, while construction companies strive to be leaner and more efficient, retaining the best workforce is...

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Do you know about Drone Rules & Regulations?

As a business owner I, like you, am ready to utilize the new capabilities provided by drone technology. We can take our images to a “new level” and the expense of aerial photography, in many ways, has become affordable. We can scale buildings, cover wide landscapes, observe large construction sites and capture the images with...

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Improve Hiring and Retention with Employee Communications (Part 2)

Improving retention doesn’t necessarily result from just paying employees more. Many industry studies have shown that people forget about pay raises within four months after receiving them. What typically matters over time is: a supportive work environment, a clear career path, company communication of successes and failures, and how well people integrate with their work...

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content is king

Content for Online Construction Marketing

In Construction, Content is King. Do You Have What It Takes to Build Your Business? If you’ve been following the changes taking place in B2B (business-to-business) marketing, then you know online content is king. Since construction marketing IS B2B marketing, all this hub-bub should have you very concerned about who’s handling your online efforts such...

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Funny Construction Jokes Contest

We are building a Construction Joke online resource, and maybe even an illustrated book in the future if we can get enough material. If you have a few good jokes to share, we will be happy to give you credit (if you want it) when we use them. WE will be giving away 5 –...

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10 Ways to Damage Up Your Brand Without Even Trying

Marketing your construction company is very different today than it was just 6 years ago. For some, the change in how we reach prospects and develop business snuck up and now we’re scrambling to play catch up so we don’t get let behind. So, like many contractors, you’re probably flocking to Online Marketing, Video, SEO,...

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Succession Planning for Your Website… Before it’s Too Late!

You wouldn’t die without leaving some kind of insurance plan for your family. But what happens if your website suddenly dies? Read true stories now.

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Digital Marketing

5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Construction Business Online

Can all of the secrets, skills, and SEO-centric processes necessary for marketing your construction business online be condensed into a checklist of five actionable items? Ugh, no. Sorry. If they could be, that would certainly make things easier on construction marketers. But, the truth is, establishing a strong online presence requires technical skill, hard work,...

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