Beware Marketers That Don’t Ask a Lot of Questions


Recently I’ve talked to numerous construction companies about growing their revenue, building our their marketing toolkit, and positioning them for success. A few made comments about why does my team and I ask so many questions when we’re the construction marketing experts. I usually laugh and tell them that we know how to market a construction company, and that each construction company is unique. Also, that they should be leery of any marketer, internal or external, or consultant that doesn’t ask a lot of questions. A lack of questions means one of two things – they don’t care, or they are plugging you into a generic system. Either way, you won’t get what you need in the end.

Imagine hiring a marketing manager that on the first day just starts writing proposals without asking a single question. A good marketer needs to understand your company, value to clients, differentiation, and goals to truly make an impact.

Be excited when someone takes an interest and asks questions to grow your company. However, be careful of consultants that do not understand your industry at all. The construction industry is unique, and many people do not grasp the differences between vertical and heavy civil contractors, private versus public bids, and how competitors are sometimes subs.