Best Construction Site Wall – Marketing-Wise

photo 4On Monday, I posted some pictures of the construction of Magic Kingdom’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster. One sweet surprise that Disney did was with their construction site wall/barrier.

First of all, they added multiple pictures of the Seven Dwarfs around the perimeter for great photo opps. If you look closer, the open areas between the slanted boards are actually clear. Disney knows their guests want to see what’s on the other side of the wall and this gives them a sneak peak. This graphic shows Dopey holding a sign saying “Take a Peek!”

They are now encouraging guests to look inside. Why? Because this new roller coaster is the last piece to one of the largest construction projects at Magic Kingdom and is part of the redevelopment of Fantasyland. Part of the new attractions have opened already, but this roller coaster will not be open until 2014. Disney is teasing us and appeasing our curiosity, which makes us want to come back next year when its open.

Can you apply this to your construction job site? Most definitely! Many times a designed job site wall may be developed by the owner or architect, but if not, you can create one for your brand. Promote your brand with your logo and message. Don’t forget to include your brand personality. You may want to borrow Disney’s sneak peak idea to show your team’s transparency to safety and quality.

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