Award Submittals

Winning awards is great, but they do more than just stroke your ego. The obvious reasons are to build credibility for your company and to show your team that you appreciate their hard work. Most companies miss a great opportunity – to showcase your company’s specialities or less known services.

If you have a niche construction market, awards are an amazing way to showcase them and add more distance between your company and everyone else. Also, if you’re know for one type of construction and you have a newer service or construction type that you want people to know about, awards can be that platform to tell everyone just how good you are at it.

When a bid selection committee is trying to make that difficult final selection they consider your awards too. If you don’t have any awards and the the other team does that may be the final deciding factor. Awards also give you PR visibility and may help the next client find you because of your “obvious attention to detail” or the “value engineering” your team brought to the table on a similar project.

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