An Amazing Feat – You've Got to See It to Believe It

In a recent episode of Build It Bigger (a Brand Constructor favorite), host Danny Forster introduces Signapore’s new Sky Park.

singapore 324x205Although Singapore is one of the world’s smallest countries, it is looking at becoming the go to place for tourist and the Sky Park is the crowning jewel of the tourism movement. This project costs Marina Bay Sands Resort $5.5 Billion and construction delays could costs over $100 million a month. Talk about pressure.

The resorts signature landmark is the top, the Sky Park perched over three 55-story towers, complete with garden, pool, and one astronomical construction feet. Look how the ledge floats over the air sticking far out to one side.

Enjoy the pictures below that to some avid Google searches. Click the last image to see details on how they built the outcropping. It reminds me of the Huey P. Long Bridge big lift we discussed a few weeks ago.


marina bay sands singapore

MarinaBaySandsSkyPark sm

Click to see enlarged.