A New Way to Sell Potholes!

kfc potholes1

Colonel Sanders unveils a recently filled pothole.

The picture on the right looks like an odd Photoshop creation, but it is real. In March of 2009, KFC was creating buzz through a new grassroots, guerrilla style marketing campaign – filling potholes.

KFC hires road crews from construction companies around the country and they spray painted a white tag that said “Repaired by KFC” on top of the cold-mix asphalt. Read  more about the pothole filler’s at KFC on the Consumerist blog post.

KFC does a similar campaign this month by spray painting the road near fire hydrants. The company is paying to upgrade and repair fire hydrants and then tags the payment nearby with a tag that says “Re-Freshed by KFC”. This is all part of a campaign to promote the chicken restaurant’s new fiery chicken. The Brand Channel reports the campaign took place in Illnois and costs less than $20,000.

kfc firehydrants1

The marker for KFC's refurbished fire hydrants.