A New Way for Construction Companies to Recruit College Students

university_beyondWhat do you do when you want to recruit a college student to you construction company? Talk to a college student.

I recently met University Beyond on Twitter (@UBeyond), and we engaged in conversation about brand ambassadors until we realized we should talk more. 

University Beyond created a turnkey mechanism to recruit, deploy, and manage college brand ambassadors for your company. Since construction companies do not normally utilize brand ambassadors, especially on college campuses, they can post jobs such as internships, office jobs, and entry-level project manager jobs. This recruiting tool asks about your company’s culture, personality, and the job requirements to find the right hire. This matching also corresponds with the millennial generation’s partiality for company’s with strong values and belief if community and environmental stewardship. 

Imagine getting an inside track to schools with strong construction management programs; this could be your way in. They’ve worked with some strong brands including Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, and 7UP, so it looks safe for you to try something new. 

Check out University Beyond’s website (http://app.universitybeyond.com/).