A Great Post on Multi-Location Businesses

Our creative director, Adrienne Folse, wrote a great blog post on our parent company’s blog about how we save multi-location companies and companies with franchises a lot of money, time, and headaches. We develop a consistent and cohesive brand identity for the entire company instead of allowing each location to design their own marketing and communication pieces.

Besides the extra costs of developing separate brochures, trade show displays, and websites, a company with a disjointed brand also creates additional competition in the marketplace. Instead of having 10 competitors in a market, a company with 5 locations now has 14 competitors because the other 4 locations of their company look different and confuse prospective clients. Imagine if the McDonalds in your town had different colored arches like blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow. You would assume they are different companies.

Read the blog post on Design the Planet’s blog.