5 Things Every Contractor Can Do Today To Build a Better Brand

Guest post by Sasha Dlinni.

Building and growing a brand name has become an integral part for contractors large and small, for one simple reason: it gets them work. From the recognition a successful brand name brings during the tender process, to the streamlining of communications with the rest of the industry and your clients, a better brand is a smart investment. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are five ways any contractor can build a stronger brand image.

Show It

It may sound obvious, but experience shows that many construction and engineering firms don’t seem to realize that to have your brand recognized, people have to know your brand. Simple things, like a uniform logo across all paperwork, websites, equipment, and your employees’ work clothes, can go a long way to reinforce not only the name itself, but the idea of an efficient, predictable business.

Share It

Become associated with other successful brands, particularly ones with an exposure that spans the entire industry. So for example, this can be as simple as partnering with competitors in events that build the communities you work in or building your brand by tying up with a recruitment website, such as Randstad CPE, to drive brand awareness among industry movers. The possibilities are endless.

Promote It

Even on a limited budget, it’s possible to have your company’s name associated with industry events. In essence, becoming a sponsor means your brand will be linked with the conversations happening in the industry. Whether you help pay rent a space, or barter your goods and services to participate, there are several ways to get involved and promote your company to the rest of the industry and potential clients.

Push It

Why stop at merely sponsoring events? Determine the expertise of your staff and have them participate in industry events as keynote speakers. It will help them develop professionally, reveal opportunities otherwise unavailable, and present an image of your company as a leader in the field.

Media-Blast It

Reporters are always looking for sources. Let the local news outlets, the general media, and B2B publications know that you have staff capable of contributing to reporting on the construction industry. It takes a few minutes to scan the masthead and contact the appropriate reporters or editors, and most of the time they will be grateful for the help. Use free services such as the highly recommended HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to get ahead of your competition.

Sasha is a writer from NYC who is now based in Portugal where he teaches English and is gradually adapting to the more relaxed pace of life.