3 Ways to Use Video for Construction Marketing

It’s likely you’ve heard by now that video content is an integral part of marketing. But what does that mean for your construction business?

Recent data from Cisco anticipates that roughly 80% of all global Internet traffic will come from video content.

Perhaps you’ve seen some of your peers testing drone footage on build sites or streaming live video feeds of construction zones? In our current marketing environment, video content has become a necessity for many construction-based businesses attempting to showcase their firm’s capabilities, secure new project bids and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Maybe you’ve also noticed that these companies share one thing in common: plenty of revenue and budget to accommodate video marketing, right? Wrong! Sure, some companies may have better means to launch video marketing, but “video” is not synonymous with “costly.”

Most construction firms have continued to shrug off the importance of video for marketing their brands due to this misconception. While a cost-barrier may have existed in the past, the democratization of video through numerous options and platforms (those that aren’t TV) has helped to level the playing field.

Even so, the harsh reality is that your business will live and die by its ability (or inability) to attract new clients and keep current ones satisfied. And while this may not be the revelation you hoped for, it certainly makes a strong case for the use of video in your marketing strategy. So, if you’d like to hop on the fast track to success and tap into a portion of that massive Internet traffic, follow along for our three cost-effective methods to kick off your video marketing efforts, and potentially land that next project!

The drone flies over the construction site

1. Live Video

Depending on the type of construction business, live video such as Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, etc., could act as a direct conduit to your contractors, vendors and internal teams. It’s also worth noting that live video comes with a lower expectation for quality. As a result of the leniency afforded by viewers consuming live content, you can spend less time worrying about high production costs and focus more on the objective.

Don’t be afraid to engage with your crew, your stakeholders or your vendors. Don’t worry about making mistakes. If your local police department can host an interactive ride-a-long via Periscope to engage with the community, there is no reason you can’t give your internal team an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at your projects as they progress.

A video, no matter how rough, can make your brand seem more authentic and honest, which could lead to higher brand affinity – the coveted level of mutual interest between your business and its customer. It’s also a great communication tool for internal updates.

2. Presentation Screen Capture

Have a lot of boring, lackluster presentations lying around from company meetings? These could serve as yet another tool for video production! By merely repurposing content as an interactive webinar, a bite-sized social clip and so much more, you could generate videos in little time with no added cost. Even if the initial purpose of these presentations doesn’t quite gel with your marketing goals, a few small tweaks could help to leverage that same content for video.

For example, let’s say that you’ve just posted a new project update blog or case study. Perhaps you’d like to follow-up with some posts to social media to help spread the word? You may begin by choosing your platforms, and maybe gathering ideas from your peers in the industry. It’s around this time you quickly realize that other companies employ the use of highly engaging videos that seem, by comparison, an impossible undertaking given your limited resources. Instead of competing head-on, why not take the most profound and easily understood excerpt from the blog you’ve just written, and transform it into a shareable video?

All you need are the right tools (like this one from Canva), a little effort, and some of the copy you’ve already written and voila!


Okay, so maybe panicking is a bit extreme, but if you genuinely feel overwhelmed by the thought of producing a video for social marketing there is another option: hire someone else to do it for you! While this may seem like the opposite approach to saving money, there are low-cost content creators, freelancers, and digital marketing agencies eager to help your busy construction firm tackle this aspect of your marketing strategy.

An agency such as The Brand Constructors can often be a more cost and time effective approach depending on the size and scale of your project. The skills, resources and overall experience of an agency could lead to BIG savings! Check out the full array of digital marketing services from The Brand Constructors.

Have more insights on video? Share a tip or story about crushing video marketing for your business! We’re always looking to hear from you!