10 Ways to Damage Up Your Brand Without Even Trying

Marketing your construction company is very different today than it was just 6 years ago. For some, the change in how we reach prospects and develop business snuck up and now we’re scrambling to play catch up so we don’t get let behind. So, like many contractors, you’re probably flocking to Online Marketing, Video, SEO, Social Selling, Lead Nurturing, in-bound marketing, email marketing, and Story Telling. And… that’s great if you have a process and strategy to stay on budget, track results, and monetize the efforts. Or, then again, maybe it’s time for a reality check. It’s time to take an objective look at little things that can hold you back big time as you move your brand forward in this brave new marketing world. Here are some areas to keep a close eye on:

1. An Outdated Logo/Identity

Was your logo designed over 10 years ago? Is your logo being used properly in digital spaces? Is it being stretched, “improved” by staff, or remade by vendors who “don’t have that font”? Don’t put up with it. Your logo is your everything. It’s the visual representation of your reputation online and everywhere else it’s found. Protect it.

2. An Inconsistent Email Signature

How do you sign off on communications online? Does everyone on your team use a consistent email signature, or is everybody doing it “their way”? Email signatures are not a place to express individuality. Insist on consistency.

3. Outdated brochures

Did you print a thousand last time and now they’re outdated and stashed in a closet? If no one is using them, then do you really have a “brochure?” Have your brochures been updated in the past two years? If not, it’s time. The last thing you want to do is look outdated.

old-computer4. A Stagnant Website

The Yellow Pages are a thing of the past and your prospects are looking for you online, and most likely they’re searching on a mobile device. Do you have a modern site? Is the content fresh and current? Are you constantly adding to and updating your website? Social Media channels are great, but your aim is to get people to visit your website for the whole story. You’re getting them to click – now let’s win their business!

5. Old Proposals and RFPs

If you submit proposals or RFPs, do they represent your current brand and call out your strengths and uniqueness? Many companies update their branding but for some reason forget about their proposals. Remember… consistency across all marketing tools!

6. New Employees Who Don’t Get It

Do your new employees “get your brand?” Do they fit in with your culture? How do you acclimate them to your brand after they’ve work at that other company for years? It’s important to keep staff educated on how to answer common questions, and even on small things like how to answer the phone correctly. Cultural (Internal) Branding involves making sure they keep to the dress-code, maintain the jobsite, properly interact with the general public while operating company equipment, etc. – every day.

7. Outdated Signage

New signs can be expensive, but not as expensive as advertising that you’re outdated. Just bite down on that bullet and do it! Jobsite signage is very important to brand awareness!

8. Old LinkedIn Profiles

Many of your prospects will research your team online before a meeting. Imagine if your employees look like they are still working for another company or even your competition. Ouch!

9. Website Forms That Go Nowhere

Make sure forms on your website work, and that someone is receiving and dealing with them at your office. If an employee who normally receives these forms leaves, make plans for those emails so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

10. Grandma Office Furniture

If you have the same furniture from 15 years ago, it may be time for an update. (Depending on your industry, it may be time for a BIG update.) Office furnishings communicate your pride in your workplace, but it also speaks to how modern of an organization you have. You know how it works… You never have a second chance to make a first impression.