Pre-Construction – 305-point Brand Base Audit

Our brand audit puts us in the trenches with you, by allowing us to get to know you as if we were your company’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Once completed for larger construction companies, we’ll work hand-in-hand with your in-house marketing team to assist them with their challenges by providing the skills they may not have in-house (web design, web coding, content development, graphic design, social strategy, etc.).

For smaller contractors, we work with the ownership directly. Every construction company has challenges and questions that, if handled incorrectly, can cost the company millions in lost opportunities. These may involve entering new geographic markets or market sectors, challenges with recruiting, generational shifts in ownerships, increase profits and hit rates, or needing a second-opinion on current marketing plans. Because of our experience in the construction industry, we hit the ground running and don’t need to be schooled on the differences between vertical and marine construction, or the difference between BIM & EMR. With our knowledge and the info gained from the Brand Base Audit, we can focus on the real problems and craft unique solutions using proven strategies to help overcome any obstacles.

Our Brand Base Audits entail a thorough review of your company, brand, clients, and community through a series of surveys, interviews, on-site visits to your office and jobsites, think tank brain-storming, review of all marketing materials, and competitive market analysis.

To learn more about our process, read these case studies:

  • Bartlett Cocke – A $600-million a year, 550-person construction company based in Texas.
  • J.B. Mouton – A $30-million a year, construction company entering their fifth generation.
  • Storefloors – A retail flooring procurement specialist in a highly competitive and commoditized market.

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