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It’s 2015, Ready or Not!

2014 was a good year for our team, both professionally (worked with many great clients, published our first book, & developed the ConExecU concept) and personally (new relationships, traveling, and our first Brand Constructor baby). It is already a week into 2015, so I ask you – What will be different this year? How are...[Read More]

Best Blogs of 2014

We thought we’d celebrate the New Year with a look back at the most talked about, most read, and most memorable blogs of 2014. What the Heck is Content Marketing, Anyway? Posted on December 11, 2014 The term “content marketing” actually describes itself; it is using content to market your company, products, or yourself. Instead...[Read More]

Merry Christmas from the Brand Constructors!

We couldn’t resist sharing this fun festive image from Have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.

Get Social with The Brand Constructors!

We have many amazing readers on our blog, but you may not know that we’re a very social company too. We’ve been active on Twitter since 2010 and our president, Perryn Olson, has been on LinkedIn since 2007 (it was mostly unheard of until then)! Many are surprised we’re on Pinterest too. We started on...[Read More]

So, What is Marketing Automation Then?

Last week, we discussed content marketing in construction. We had to cover that first because marketing automation utilizes content heavily. Marketing automation is a method of nurturing leads and moving them to a close using technology and systems. It centers around data, and a good CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool is a must. This data...[Read More]

Speaking Your Client’s Language

Guest blog post by David Smith at Constructive Translations Let’s say you have decided that part of your operational or sales strategy involves doing something abroad. This may not be the right thing for every company, but with the world becoming more and more connected, smaller companies are finding all kinds of opportunities in far...[Read More]

What the Heck is Content Marketing, Anyway?

The term “content marketing” actually describes itself; it is using content to market your company, products, or yourself. Instead of listing your product features, company benefits, or your personal attributes, you focus on educating your prospects and clients. For example, you create a white paper on the difference between warm mix and hot mix asphalt...[Read More]

New for 2015 – ConExecU

I’m very excited to announce today the launch of our new workshop series starting in 2015 called Construction Executive’s University, or ConExecU for short. This is something we’ve been asked repeatedly to create – a place for construction executives to learn about different aspects of the company, especially marketing, sharing their challenges with construction peers,...[Read More]

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