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Why Advertisers are Bad Brand Marketers, Especially in Construction

This topic may seem like an odd post from us, but recently I found numerous construction companies going to large advertising firms to be rebranded. Although there are always exceptions to everything, this is philosophically a bad idea. Why? The core tenant of advertising is frequency. When in doubt, an advertiser will hit the target...[Read More]

Flash is Killing Your Website

I’m amazed how tech savvy the construction industry is in the field, yet so many construction companies still utilize Adobe Flash® on their websites. What is Flash? It is a program that creates animations and special effects on websites. Sounds cool, but it has numerous problems. Flash is NOT searchable - Today’s business world is...[Read More]

Beware Marketers That Don’t Ask a Lot of Questions

Recently I’ve talked to numerous construction companies about growing their revenue, building our their marketing toolkit, and positioning them for success. A few made comments about why does my team and I ask so many questions when we’re the construction marketing experts. I usually laugh and tell them that we know how to market a...[Read More]

The Results are In!

That is right! We’ve tabulated and reviewed the responses from our 2014 survey. We received a great response and had a diverse group of respondents ranging from smaller construction companies to the international mega construction firms. We covered important topics like social media channels and marketing tools as well as how many marketers and business...[Read More]

Good Design Builds Credibility

Occasionally I’m asked why we have an in-house design team and not just be a marketing-only firm. The main reason is that good design builds credibility and our clients generally do not have in-house designers. (Even those  larger construction companies that have internal designers, usually still need help with their company’s website.) Let me explain...[Read More]

Drone Photography in Construction

I delayed today’s blog post until I could met with a local drone photographer over lunch. I met Craig Guillot with NOLA Aerials ( You can see some of his work below. I’ve seen a few construction companies (such as Yantis Company) starting to use drones for pictures in marketing materials, safety reviews, and even for...[Read More]

7 Answers to Your Top FAQs About Visible Experts

I am excited to talk with my friend and fellow marketer, Sylvia Montgomery who is a Senior Partner at Hinge, about their new book, The Visible Expert. Here are some questions I asked her about being a Visible Expert.   Q: What is a Visible Expert? A: By definition, a Visible Expert is a professional with high...[Read More]

Go Bankrupt with an Inconsistent Brand

An inconsistent brand is a waste of money in every industry, especially construction. We discuss the cost of this inconsistency in Construction Executive’s Guide to Brand Marketing. 1) Constantly Reinventing the Wheel – When all of your marketing materials are different, it means you’re putting extra work on your marketing and design team for no...[Read More]

A Construction Executive's Guide to Brand Marketing