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Marketing Calendar in Less Than 15 Minutes

Are you freaking out because it is March and you don’t have your marketing calendar finalized yet? Do not worry. Breathe in and check this out. Many marketers get lost in the weeds of developing this super complex, detailed marketing calendar. Once they are done, they struggle to maintain it. We work on two calendars...[Read More]

Join us for our webinar today!

Today at noon CST I will be discussing the “9 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals” with our brand strategist, Rob Folse. The average proposal pursuit costs construction companies $10,000 and most construction companies are satisfied with a 10-20% hit rate. That means it costs $50,000-100,000 to win a project. Join our conversation about...[Read More]

Proposals Messing Up Your Marketing Plans

We’ve worked with a few general contractors lately to get their marketing calendars in order for 2015. Together, we plot out the year with tradeshows, conferences, ad deadlines, company milestones, and even personal vacations. We do this in order to schedule out specific goals and action items to be completed by them and our team...[Read More]

Happy Mardi Gras!

One of the Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals

As seen on LinkedIn pulse. In my role as a construction marketing consultant, I am asked all the time what is the most common and biggest mistake that construction companies make on proposals. While the list of mistakes that I’ve seen and heard is quite lengthy, one does stand out. Many people assume the biggest...[Read More]

Positioning Your Company for Success on Proposals

Hi! This is Rob Folse with Brand Constructors. I’m the chief brand marketing strategist here, and I work with our clients to help them strategically maximize their brand marketing to win more of the work they want to win, and to increase the profitability on those projects. Together with Perryn, our president, I travel around the...[Read More]

How Do You Brand Joint Venture Proposals?

The question about branding a joint venture (JV) proposal arose from our recent blog post about the dilemma whether to brand your proposal with either your brand or the prospective client’s brand. That is a tough question to answer. First, decide if this effort is really a 50/50 joint venture because most JV pursuits are...[Read More]

Proposals: Use Your Brand or the Client’s Brand?

Deciding on how to position proposals for focus and emphasis is an age-old challenge in the A/E/C (Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction) industry. Marketing wants the prospective client to feel comfortable with your company’s team, talent, and tools and to know you are all about them. So, you consider using the prospect’s branding and look-and-feel to communicate...[Read More]

A Construction Executive's Guide to Brand Marketing