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Huge Mistake Construction Companies Make & They Don’t Even Realize It

Lately, I’ve been calling business developers at construction companies, large and small, as part of a research study I’m working on concerning marketing toolkits. I’ve discovered a HUGE mistake many construction companies are making. Yes, most of you are making this mistake, and I’m pretty sure 90% of you don’t even realize it! As I...[Read More]

Construction Companies Have 1 of 3 Types of Websites

First published on LinkedIn Pulse. As a specialist in construction marketing, I’ve looked at hundreds, possibly thousands, of construction company websites. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly; and I break them into three categories: money generating websites, credibility-only websites, and the disqualifier website. Take note: company size has little to do...[Read More]

Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 6 – Budget It Out

If you’ve read even half of this series, you’ll see one trend – CFOs like numbers and they love their business-savvy marketers. Marketing is not fluffy, nor is it a money pit. It is your job as a marketer to change that perception, by showing them how marketing is vital to the company’s success. I’ve...[Read More]

Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 5 – Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

One of the hardest things to do today is to stay ahead of the curve. The technology curve, that is. We all get busy, and time quickly passes when we’re deep into completing our daily tasks. Then a few years pass by, and we’ve missed out on amazing tools that would make our life easier,...[Read More]

Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 4 – Automate & Systematize

If you’re like most other Construction Marketers, I’m sure you’re doing more with less these days. Before 2008, most marketers had fewer responsibilities and more personnel. After the recession we’ve all just come through, however, the construction industry will probably stay lean and mean for quite some time, especially in the area of marketing. So,...[Read More]

Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 3 – Measuring Up

Inherently, CFOs are numbers people. One reason CFOs tend to struggle with marketing is because it can be challenging to track and show real attributable results. However, by utilizing some of the newest marketing automation and tracking technology, marketing can connect their efforts to actual work-brought-in. One way to track ROI on every marketing campaign...[Read More]

Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 2 – Save the Company Money

Construction CFOs usually have two primary concerns: saving the company money and making sure the company is profitable for stakeholders. Unfortunately, not all CFOs see marketing as a positive catalyst for either of these activities. This misconception stems from many construction companies having inexperienced marketers, and, unfortunately, perpetuates itself onto the strong, experienced marketers. If...[Read More]

Make CFOs ♥ Marketing | Part 1 – Understand the Construction Industry

Construction companies are beginning to understand how important it is to have savvy, experienced marketing professionals on their team. However, as more and more marketers enter this peculiar industry, they are experiencing how different build-industry marketing is from marketing other industries. Even if they come from an architecture and engineering background, construction is still very...[Read More]

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