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What is Your Differentiation For This Proposal?

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about your differentiation varying from project to project. I’ve had some thought provoking conversations regarding that post with other marketers, clients, and fellow SMPS members, so I thought it was worth discussing more. Many savvy marketers utilize the SWOT principals to identify their company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats....[Read More]

You Can’t Help Some People

Last week I had a good lesson in remembering that you can’t help some people get out of their own way. I even had to wait a few days to write this blog because I was so upset by someone’s naivety. I spoke to a prospect that had a unique business model. He matched investors...[Read More]

Differentiation Varies

We speak a lot about differentiation on this blog and in all of our educational materials. Differentiation is key to educating your prospects why your company is the right fit for them and why they should choose you over your competitors. It is in line with the old sales adage of “poking holes in your...[Read More]

Market Customers with One Word

The word is simply “experience.” Yes, brand experience is a common term in the retail, restaurant, and other consumer markets, yet it still applies to construction. Think about what you do when you have a good experience as a consumer – you tell a person or two. When you have a bad experience, you probably...[Read More]

Best Way to Increase Your Hit Rate!

It is easy – stop going after projects you can’t win! No matter how complex your Go/No Go process is, you need to come to one of two decisions: “Yes, we can dominate this bid!” OR “No, this one isn’t for us, and we’re going to pass on it.” If you’re a numbers person, then...[Read More]

Content Marketing for Construction Companies

Content marketing is the new buzzword in the marketing industry, but it’s actually been around for ages. You most commonly see it for business-to-business companies, especially professional service firms. You can find a lot of resources for content marketing in the A/E/C (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) industry, but they cover very little for construction companies. First off, what...[Read More]

Who Cares about Differentiation Anyway?

Your client’s do, and that’s what really matters. Surprisingly, there are still skeptics out there on this subject, but to me it’s a no-brainer: Differentiating your company makes your prospective customers’ job easier to pick you over your competitors, and it increases your chances of converting that prospect into a customer. What happens when an...[Read More]

How to Increase Conversions On a B2B Website

Guest post by Sasha Dlinni – So your visitor rate might be looking good and businesses are staying on your website to check out what you do and browse your products, but why are they leaving and why aren’t they buying? These are the key questions that many companies, including those in the construction industry have...[Read More]