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Your Brand Culture is Hurting your Bottom Line!

Here’s why and what to do to fix it: Many construction companies find it hard to move from the realm of low-bid public work to negotiated/private work, no matter how hard they try. They blame it on their safety record, their (lack of) prior project experience, or how their Business Development [BD] team just doesn’t...[Read More]

Why Construction Companies Need Mobile Websites

Lately, we’ve been talking about mobile websites. Why? Well, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and many have replaced their bulky desktops with portable tablets like iPads. A bigger reason is looming – Google put an April 21 deadline on companies making their websites mobile friendly. If you do not comply, Google will drop your search...[Read More]

What’s Next?

One of the hardest parts of being a business professional is keeping an eye out for what’s next while managing your current workload. In construction marketing, this gets compounded by unrealistic proposal deadlines, chasing down proposal information that was due days ago, and the random requests from other parts of the company like event planning....[Read More]

ABC’s Young Professionals

You might not be aware of one of ABC’s (Associated Builders & Contractors) newer initiatives, the Young Professionals. The program’s mission “aims to shape the future of our industry by supporting the growth of the young professionals that are employed by ABC member companies. The program will create opportunities for young leaders to build relationships,...[Read More]

Marketing Calendar in Less Than 15 Minutes

Are you freaking out because it is March and you don’t have your marketing calendar finalized yet? Do not worry. Breathe in and check this out. Many marketers get lost in the weeds of developing this super complex, detailed marketing calendar. Once they are done, they struggle to maintain it. We work on two calendars...[Read More]

Join us for our webinar today!

Today at noon CST I will be discussing the “9 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals” with our brand strategist, Rob Folse. The average proposal pursuit costs construction companies $10,000 and most construction companies are satisfied with a 10-20% hit rate. That means it costs $50,000-100,000 to win a project. Join our conversation about...[Read More]

Proposals Messing Up Your Marketing Plans

We’ve worked with a few general contractors lately to get their marketing calendars in order for 2015. Together, we plot out the year with tradeshows, conferences, ad deadlines, company milestones, and even personal vacations. We do this in order to schedule out specific goals and action items to be completed by them and our team...[Read More]

Happy Mardi Gras!

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