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Go Bankrupt with an Inconsistent Brand

An inconsistent brand is a waste of money in every industry, especially construction. We discuss the cost of this inconsistency in Construction Executive’s Guide to Brand Marketing. 1) Constantly Reinventing the Wheel – When all of your marketing materials are different, it means you’re putting extra work on your marketing and design team for no...[Read More]

Low Bid Means Your Brand is Atrocious

If your construction company only goes after low-bid work, it means you have a horrible brand. Here is how I know it. To win a low bid project, you have to be willing to do the work for the least amount of work. Your reputation, quality, and brand are irrelevant. To fulfill the project’s specifications,...[Read More]

You’re Fired for Violating Brand Standards!

Yes, you should be able to fire anyone in your company for violating your brand’s standards. I doubt you can though. Why? Because you probably don’t have anything regarding your brand written down, and if you do, you probably don’t share it with your entire team. In talking with a prospect that is a large...[Read More]

Construction Marketing Book

This week, we officially released our first book entitled Construction Executive’s Guide to Brand Marketing! We wrote the book because most construction executives do not understand marketing and therefore do not utilize marketing to grow the company. Most construction marketers and business developers do not have the tools, personnel, and budget they need to perform their...[Read More]

Founder Focused or Brand Focused?

This is a question we discuss in our book that has come up a few times recently. Many companies start with a savvy, likable character that is a natural business developer. The company’s brand and marketing is founder-focused. For many people (clients, prospects, employees), the brand and the founder are the synomyous. This also happens with company presidents...[Read More]

Best Marketing for Subcontractors

I was talking to two different clients  that are subcontractors today about content on the new website we’re developing for each and a great marketing tip came up. If you are a subcontractor or your company has a division that can be a subcontractor, a basic step in marketing that you shouldn’t ignore is making sure you’re listed...[Read More]

Choose Your Own Adventure Websites

Something to keep in mind when you’re working on your website is that people do not read websites like books where one reads from page 1-100. Most people will go to your homepage and then click the section they are looking for. Many times, visitors will enter your website on an interior page like a...[Read More]

Social Media Statistics

I received an email over the weekend promoting social media monitoring and other things that I don’t really need. Included in the email was some amazing statistics on the size of social media. I’ve always been a fan of social media personally and professionally. It is staggering to think how many people are on Facebook...[Read More]

A Construction Executive's Guide to Brand Marketing